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Blue-Lean: Low Cost and Safer Replacement for "Plenity"

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"Plenity" is a prescription substance to help with weight loss. It is actually classified as a medical device. However, it is not a drug that actually reduces your weight, eliminates fat cells or takes any direct action. It is a supplement in effect that simply fills up your stomach to reduce the amount of food you can consume. The only real reason it is a prescription "drug" is because it contains cellulose which is not intended for human consumption. Because cellulose is not a recognized food or herbal supplement, it can only be legally used under the supervision of a doctor. That makes it much more expensive, to say nothing of the cost of doctor visits and potential complications.

In comparison Blue-Lean does not contain cellulose so it is much safer to use. You are not putting into your body a substance that was never ever intended to be there. Because it does not require a prescription, it is far less expensive and has no requirements for doctor visits. Sure, "Plenity" might be a bit more effective, but is the tradeoff really worth it?

A 12 week supply of Plenity is $249.00 with a one month supply costing $99.00 while Blue-Lean is far less.

Blue-Lean will be available shortly. Please check back. Thank you for your interest.

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